Research areas

  • HA Statistics - Geostatistics, Spatial analysis, Sptial regression
  • Q Science (General) - climate change, Geographical Information Systems

Research interests

My research interests include knowledge discovery in databases and data quality assessment with specific focus on spatial/temporal data. I am interested in geostatistical stochastic simulation algorithms and spatial regression, particularly for the modelling of spatial and temporal phenomena. As part of my research work, I have been developing geostatistical procedures to identify and remove non-climatic irregularities from data with yearly and monthly resolution. Currently, I am investigating a homogenisation procedure that is appropriate for those situations in which the monitoring stations are located in extensive areas with different climatic characteristics. A software named gsimcli was designed and developed for the homogenisation of climate time series by two FCT grant holders (Sara Ribeiro and Júlio Caineta; PTDC/GEO-MET/4026/2012) under my supervision. The gsimcli software is freely available for download (


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