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Founded in 1977, the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH/NOVA - Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities) is distinguished by a teaching philosophy characterized by the diversity and creativity of knowledge and by the freedom of thought. Located near Lisbon city center, it hosts a total of 5 154 students, 2 693 in undergraduate programmes, 1 583 in masters and 878 in PhD programmes. It has 305 professors, almost all holding a PhD degree.

The excellence of research in Social and Human Sciences, one of the missions of FCSH/NOVA, is assured by 16 Research Centres and branches of interuniversity centres. There are 13 UI funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and
Technology (FC&T), five of which rated as “Excellent” and seven as “Very Good”.

Currently, the growing academic community at FCSH/NOVA has about 1 200 researchers who are integrated and/or associated to a Research Unit, as well as many other co-researchers, students and research grant holders.

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