Tânia Manuel Casimiro - Speaker

João Pedro Vintém Henriques - Speaker

Vanessa Filipe - Speaker

Carlos Boavida - Speaker

The first documents referring to lead glaze ware production in Lisbon go back to the 16th century with the reference to green glazed pots, mentioned the Lisbon Potter's Regulation. Although no kiln site producing exclusively lead glaze wares was actually found in Lisbon some evidence suggest that these objects may share the same kilns with redware production. The most frequent shapes are large flared bowls, cooking pots, jars, plates and chamber pots, in green and/or yellow, among other forms used in domestic activities.
This paper aims to present the types of objects produced by Lisbon potters, discussing production techniques, shapes and function as well as other glazed objects used in Lisbon households based on vessels found in two archaeological excavations in Lisbon, in Carnide and Rossio, reflecting domestic activities from approximately 1580 to 1755.
30 Oct 2018

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